Vladimir Chernizelle Jones III from Buzzard Squish Tennessessee writes dear Hughy: I have always benn an ornothological enthusiast. (at least since I learned how to spell “ornothological”)…..I have two questions and am willing to risk being put on probation hear at H.A.S. by asking them both at the tame sime. (1.) Are you an ornothological enthughsiast? and (2.) Where do cross-eyed canadian geeses go for the winter? Wellllllllllllll, ANSWER ME HUGHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From bird Brain Hughbert


Well Jones……………. Actually I am an Ornotho Illogical  Expert.  This means I study fowls that don’t make a bit of cents whatsoever. Such as the triple -beaked barrel warbler….. and the Semi-Hydrangic Bangle-beaked Bubble Buster.


But fortunately for you, I am also marginally qualifried to deal with this question.. And “Marginally qualified” is good enough in this partricular sitiation.


The Cross-Eyed Canadian Goose  (and its little fuzzy Gooselettes) have been a real problem for folks in general and the Audobon society in Specific. (To say nothing of the Canadian Fish and Wild Life Federation) …. These rascals are constantly wreaking havoc with Airplanes and Weather Balloons and Flying Saucers (and cups).

They are bad to run into stuff …..and will often sail directly through the front doors of public buildings (while thinking they are flying the other way. This leads to Walmarts and City Halls being full of twenty pound Gooses (and the various ancillary residues of their existence. )


Such  goings on ain’t good. But, here we sit………………… Not knowing what to do or say……


The Cross-eyed Canadian goose flies right back to Canada for the winter……But They think they are in Mexico. In spite of the fact that the people are speaking French all over the place.


It turns out that Geeses are not really all that sharp when it comes to linguistic identificationalism.

……….I started to follow some of em around to learn more…….BUT DIDNT WANT TO END UP ON A WILD GOOSE CHASE.

Creamed Possum

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