Sylvia Dershowitzly from the Upper Pen Insula of Oahu writes dearest Hughbert: I heard on a commercial for Household Security Systems that “a house is buglarized every 14.3 seconds”. I got to thinking that poor family can’t even get through suppertime ONCE without getting robbed. Whom are they? and Why don’t they do something about it?”


From Secure Hughy


Well Sylvia……..You are correct. It’s awful.


I have researched this and found out that the home this is happening to is in Oildrip Oklahoma. The family’s name is  “Bublbreadth”  Fred and Sally Sue Bublebreadth. And, as you can imagine, they are just about fed up with the situation.


I called to check on em…..and they were robbed three times while I was on the phone with Fred..


One thing I asked was,…”How do you have anything left in the house after this Frequent Robberrrry Ordeal (FRO)”?  Fred says there is a constant stream of Insurance adjusters and delivery vans from appliance and computer stores due to their very GOOD replacement insurance.


There are numerous questions that remain unanswered (which is probly why they are still questions)……….One of them is …

“What good is ME BUYING A SECURITY SYSTEM form MY HOUSE gonna do  Fred and Sally? Why are the TV commercials directed at me?

I’m not the one getting robbed every 14.3 seconds.


Poor Sally was cooking supper last Tuesday and had just filled a new stainless steel crockpot with Asparagus tips…..When some thug ran through the kitchen and stole a bag of artichoke hearts that were for little Timmy’s school lunch the next day…………..It’s heart-breaking.


I want to help…..but I’m afraid if I go over there …. some punk will steal my new Hugh Suede Shoes.


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