Alexander Grate’ from Nashville Tenneeesee writes….Dear Hughy, What is so grate about William Shakespeare…and how did he gain so much notoriety…..?


From Letereari Expert Hughbert


Welllllllllllllllllllllllll…………………..You actually need to ask a liberrian about this. Not that they would know the answer, but I’d enjoy knowing you got “SHUSSHED” for asking too loud.


Look Alex………Ole “Shaky Boy” as he was known to his buddies…..Just had a lot of free time cause his daddy was extremely rich from selling the patent for plastic. Mr. Shakespeare Senior was a sharp cookie, whom would have invented the wheel if he’d been born a few centuries sooner.


“ShakyBoy” sat around making up stories about Juliet…………. and that romeo Romeo feller. Had he not had em talking in old English dialects that nobody understands, he would have sold a lot more books and stuff. BUT OHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO….he was dead-set on talking goofy.


ShakyBoy also wrote a book on Kumquat Farming in South Dakota,,,,…but his publisher said nobody gave a rip about kumquats,…other than in South Dakota ….so they wouldn’t spend any money promoting it. (THAT”S WHY , UNTIL NOW, you probly aint heard of it.)


Anyhow, William is over rated ….the mane reason he’s famous, is because he’s been dead a long time and lot’s of folks know about him.


You’re welcome.

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