Wanda Schmundly (Susie’s cousin) from Daisy South Carolina writes Dear Hugh…As a good, loving, kind, sweet, taciturn, wife I don’t ever want to ask my husband to FIX STUFF around the house….I have written a “Do it HERSELF” BOOK for the hundreds of millions of ladies, who , like myself, seek to serve their wonderful husbands hand and foot. And praise them for thier wonderfulness each day. Would you be willing to recccommmend it to your readers? I need the sales. Its only 200$ per copy. and most chick-types would gladly pay that instead of buying 12 new purses……?????….

From Frightened Hughy


Wanda……………This is such a nice thing for you to do……..I know how much my wife would love to replace the water heater and sharpen the lawn mower blades IF SHE ONLY KNEW HOW.


This book could revolutionize the world as we know it.


There’s only one smaaaaaaall issue….I can’t reccccommend it to my readers ……

and,….. therefore,…… it will never go ANYWHERE.


While I have never personally experienced this phenomenon in my 33 years of marriage………..
I have read,….. that some chick types have know interest whatsoever in….  installing Ground Fault Electrical circuitry, Rerouting Field lines, Plumbing new bathroom additions, Replacing Ceiling Fans, and raking two point five acres of sycamore leaves in October.


I have found it to be productive to kindly , sweetly, and legubriously do these things without ever being asked or hinted to. This seems to promote marital harmony. (and getting along better.) This is an effecatious technique (and is effective as a general trend).


Yours was a great idea Wanda….that will be embraced by many….BUT NOT BY MOST. Therefore I can’t get involved in such goings on. I say just go buy 12 new purses and make a fresh start on that other book you had in mind….entitled “Baby Baby, Honey Darling Will You Paint the Kitchen Sugar Babe ?”

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