Little 7 year old Jerry Stinkly from Buster’s Gulch Tennennessee writes Dear Hugh…..I’ve got my heart set on being an explorer ….and discovering a country that nobody knows about….(except for the people whom are already there)…but Satelitttte techknowlogism has kinda made it hard to find anything new out there. Seems like Google Earth has found everything. If I want to be an explorer, If I’m just “dead-set” to do it, If I simply can’t be stopped, Where do you recommend that I start looking?


From Hughy


Well Stinky……………You are correct…Gooble Earth perty much has found all the available stuff that can be found by looking around from a sattelight….


The secret is to be closer to the ground….Because that is where most countries are. Even the Google Street View vehicles cant find anything WHERE THERE AIN”T NO STREETS. So there COULD still be some stuff to discover.


I would personally start in areas where the grass is real tall. You don’t really know what’s down under there. (Frankly, since my lawnmower broke down and we’ve had six inches of rain…….YOU MIGHT START LOOKING in MY YARD…..Somebody could have started a country out there and I wouldnt have even noticed it due to the height of the foliage.)


Now , I must tell you Stinky,………..Discovering a whole country that nobody knows about already is gonna be tricky. Because you are kinda late getting started on this deal. If you’d been around back during the time when Francisco Picasso discovered the Specific Ocean and stuff like that…It would have been better. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR WAITING SO LONG TO BE BORN.


By the way, how hard can it be to discover an ocean that is 4,000 miles wide..? I think Picasso gets way too much credit for that deal.


Get busy Stinky…..maybe you can at least discover where you left your cell phone. And by the way …always carry a  DISCOVER CARD.



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