Wendell Splunk from Vellspar Texas writes Dear Hugh……Why are giraffes so tall and turtles so short?

From Hugh


Welllllllllllllllllllll……….This is a grate question.


I must be honest Wendell…………….I have spent years researching this very thing. (Which is why my yard needs mowing so badly)


One of the poossibilities here is that , in order for us not to have to get a good look at their faces, they are kinda out  of our main “line of sight”


If you get a good look at a giraffes mug shot you’ll understand this very clearly. And turtles are so ugly that even catfish steer clear of em.


The national Turtle Association had a TURTLE BEAUTY CONTEST…….And nobody won.  (Somebody had to say it…cause the news media swept it under the rug)..


I have a friend that had two pet giraffes,…..and ended up puttin em in a grocery cart and parking it in a TOW AWAY ZONE.


You’re Welcome.                      Keep your eye on this first picture for at least 10 seconds….Heeee Heeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the giraffe comes and goes……………………..HEEE HAWWW!

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