Laura Littletoe from the Foothills of Kentucky writes dear Hugh…………Sometimes I lose stuff. Frequently I don’t know I’ve lost it until I realize it……but then, I go looking for it. The item will generally be in the last place that I search. One time I kept looking even after I found it. I felt kinda strange about it. But really enjoyed it more because of the confidence that the task was already accomplished. My Husband looked at me like I was nuts. Am I nuts ole Hughy…ole Pal?


From Hugh


Howdy Laura …(or whatever your real name is….) ,……Are you nuts? Not at all.


Many many people continue to look for an item after they have found it. Look ,…….If people can spend all day whacking a small white ball around a golf course trying to get it in the hole,………….and then immediately turn right around and take it back out,…………….YOU CAN FEEL FREE TO WALK AROUND LOOKING FOR SOMETHING THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW WHERE IS.


Exercise………..It’s exercise……


The key to maintaining a good relationship with your husband as you do these sorts of things is to look non-chalant….and confident…..Show no trepidation whatsoever…and just keep looking.


Also admit that he is right about everything. This gives your spouse validation in all of his opinions,…..which you instinctively know are right anyhow. You might as well admit it. And doing it ,while you look for things you’ve already found, is an excellent move. This will distract him form criticzing your bizarre and aldifeous behavior.

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