Delbert Thurston from Tingle Montana writes dear Hugh…..What is a Tennessee Walking Horse? What is the scientific name, species and phylum?…and How can they be distinguished from other equestrian anomalies….?


from Hughy


LANDS SAKES DELBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a verbal flurry of  linguistic concoctions.


Fortunately, from fielding questions from librarians over the years, …..we here at the Service are highly trained to deal with such meandering applications of the English language..

Look Dilbert, The Tennesseessee Walking horse is easy to spot.


Because all the others crawl around on their knees.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I said it. My hunderds of billions of Regular Readers  KNEW I WOULD SAY THAT. I can’t help it. I really CAN”T HEP IT. And don’t start sending me ads for discount psychiatric services.


I must be stopped. It’s not that there haven’t been numerous efforts to silence the SERVICE. It’s just that I’m as slippery as a greased possum….. Difficult to apprehend….(or catch up with)…….Elusive. Clandestine……Posting these things deep in secluded bunkers, far away from all civilization. Darting and dodging between large boulders in wilderness areas (with a laptop)…..Seeking solace by mountain streams. Grasping at straws for survival. (Incidentally, straws are an excellent source of dietary fiber.)


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