Xavier Carlsbad III from upstate Florida writes in today………….asking quit simply….and succinctly ….Whom discovered America and all the folks that were already living hear?


From Hugh


Well…………….this is a touchy subject for folks whom are sensitive about it and also don’t trust my answers.


The first person actually hear was a pickle farmer named Edwin……back in 102 B.C.

He claimed the whole place for himself from coast to coast …but COULDN’T seem to keep it mowed.


So he tried to sell it…..but since there was no one else here….that didnt go too well.


He passed away and it was 400 years before some Indians  got lost while chasing a water buffalo in the Andes Mountains….One thing lead to anothern

….and they commenced to set up camp all over the place and got all upset with other folks for wantin to do the same thing.


It was a perty bad situation……….


After all that…..Some cat named Columbo rode over on a ship that was lost….and when he landed, he said he discoverd the joint even though there was thousands of folks already here….and PERTY MUCH sold the stupid idea to the rest of the world. So much so that there is a holiday named for his self even know that we know what really went down.


I know Ive kinda dealt with this before……but im dealin with it again to make sure that the scientificalistic commhughnity doesnt’ let thses factoids slide under the table…….


Colombo dont deserve no holiday…………He aught to have been kicked in the seat of his britches for mistreatin the folks he found over here and then claimin that HEEEEEEEEEEEEE discoverd the joint.


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