Quinton Mansse from Juxtapose Minnesota writes today (as he sits staring with a blank, confused look at a recipe book)…Dear Hughy, What is Eagle brand milk? It must be very expensive. I have heard that milking a bald eagle is really a challenge.

From Hugh


Well ………………………..As odd as it may seem, I actually grew up near an eagle dairy.


It was a very secret and clandestine operation that the owners didnt let many people know about because of the fact that it was secret and clandestine……..which is perty much how you have to go about keeping stuff low key and low profile and largely unknown to folks that don’t need to be aware of things because they would only cause trouble especially when the overall business plan is to utilize birds that are considered endangered even though they aren’t anymore and the whole thing is ok due to the fact that they are well cared for and even get to watch tv.


Anyhow………….Yes……….Eagle brand milk is indeed made of eagle milk. Which explains the name quite well. And mechanized eagle milking is very similar to milking cows. Its just not a big deal at all except for the fact that it takes waaaaaaaaaaaay more eagles than cows….to fulfill the demand.


A little known fact is that all the while that eagles were considered endangered,……….there were millions of em at eagle brand dairy facilities all over the country….(and one in Hawaii).


NOTE: Eagle Brand Milk is , of course….Passedyoureyezed and Cooked real good…and then pre treated and re treated and fixed up neatly in cans at the compan knees pristine canning facility.

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