The National Opthamalogical Consortium Headquarters from Flink Wisconsin writes in today….dear Hughbert, We have received reports of cans of insect spray that purportedly say on the can….”kills bugs on CONTACT”…..We are concerned that, if people start sprayng this stuff in their eyes, there are going to be unfavorable contraindications and bad side Affects…..Are you aware of these products and can you warn your hunerds of billions of readers not to be squirting RAID in their eyes until further testing is done?


From Ole Hughbert


Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no ideer that such claims were being made by bug killer chemical spray dispersion devices (BKCSDD’s)….!!!!!!!!!!!!


It seems to me that , if folks have bugs crawling around in their eyes, that perhaps, there are a number of serious factors in play that need to be addressed…..


Also, It would seem to me that the contacts should be removed from the occipital orbs and AT LEAST put on a table away from the face. BEFORE spraying with any bug spray applicationalerixation techniqqqqque of any kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/


By the way, I personally have never had bugs crawling around in my eyes to the point of even CONSIDERING grabbing a can of RAID. (Though I did once have a double beaked sap sucker fly so close to my face that the wing tip struck me on the cornea.)


But I don’t really think that has anything to do with what has been brought up hear. I guess I mentioned it just cause I never had a chance to tell anyone. And it was such an awful experience that I want folks to understand my traumatizationalism and my need to be counseled and talked out of my fear of birds wingtips……I cant even get near WINGTIP shoes.


I really can’t………….Don’t querstion me on this stuff.

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