Stevie Blundere’ from a hut just outside of Paris (Over the hill from the Eyefull Tower)…pauses during a game of checkers and writes Dear Hugh: I understand that the International Turtle-Racing LowSpeedway has opened near your hometown of Buggtussle Alabama. Is this the case and what about the major collison in the final lap in Friday’s race…. that I read about in the paper? What happened? …and why?


From Hugh


Well…………..The number 42 turtle , sponsored by Shell gasoline,…….was coming out of turn three.


He veered ever so slightly into the path of turtle number 007 ….Sponsored by a BONDING Company from Peoria.


They both lost control and were hit by Turtles 431 and 654 who weren’t sponsored by anybody and , frankly have HAD it with the whole thing.


Chaos ensued,………Turtles were flying all over the track. It all happened so stinkin fast….Nobody really has been able to assess what really transpired. Videos are hare to come by because filming a 200 lap turtle race takes a LOT of time and film.


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