Earline Waller from Sludge’ Wisconsin writes Dearest Hughy: I am needing a good, rich-tasting,quick, easy recipe for banana pudding. Watt do you recccommmend? .


From Hugh


Well Ear line………………….It just so happens that my great great step-aunt Mildred Crumbley is the worlds greatest banananana pudding maker.!!!!!


Unfortunately, I haven’t spoken to her in years, because she ran off with the circus over 35 years ago…and we havent seen her since..

…So her knowledge is really of no use at all since we can’t ask her about this.


Frankly, I do’nt even know why I mentioned it.


Since we can’t talk to her………..I’ll give you my recipe.   Start with 4 pounds of black banananas. Place them in a hefty cinch sack. (Available at fine retailers everywhere)……Set sack in front of a bus.


After the bus pulls away……Squish the banana puree into a Tupplerware bowl and add 7 pounds of Vanilla Wafer cookie thingys….. Stir to desired level of liquidity and squishyness.


Let sit in the sun for three daze…………ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t forget to let your dog lick the outer edges of the bowl.

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