Henry the Seventh from a Log cabin hideout , (deep in the backwoods of Bavaria)….peers out from under a camouflaged tablecloth and quickly types, DEAR HUGH……I’ve been in hiding for a long time,….would you catch me up on the history of the Western World in the last 500 years? .


From Hugh


Well “Henry the SEVENTH”…………………First off, you need to take a differnt name. The name Henry was obvioulsy overused. Give it up, I’m calling you__ Herschel.


Now look Herschel…………..The last 500 years really took off…after old Gutenburg finally fixed his printer.


That allowed all kinds of information to be spread around. Good Information….and bad information. (By the way, An unusually high percentage of the bad information somehow found a home in Warshington D.C. USA )…….. But , I digress.


Anyhow….Gutenburg fixed his printer and knowlege started flowing between folks that had some and those that didnt’….They started libraries and hired librarians to shush people. The libraries were a great idea, except for the fact that most people couldnt read. (They should have solved that problem first.)


Meanwhile, folks started fights over all kinds of things, and eventually somebody won ….. and took stuff away from the folks who had it before …then they realized they didnt have anywhere to put it.


So they would start a fight with somebody else that they figgered had more room to put stuff…and they’d try to take over their countrys storage space and land. And round and round it goes. .


Eventually somebody invented potato chips and discovered popcorn…..and some other dude invented football to go along with that.


Then Albert Einstein came up with the light bulb … and gave folks the ability to invent things after dark…and ALL KINDS OF NEW STUFF started showing up.

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