Geromino Sitting lluB from the plains of Arizona writes: “Dear to Hughm it may concern”…..I saw a pitcher of you on Photobucket….You looked so extinguished in that nice plaid suit with the chartreuse shoes and coonskin cap…! I couldn’t help but notice the scar on your write forearm,…..It looked like a tusk mark from a Tanzanian wart hog or a Brasilanian water buffalo….Is this the case , and have you been on an expediadition lately that you are too humble to tell us about?,



From Explorer Hughy


Well,,,,,,,,I’m proud to say that my humility had kept me from mentioning anything about my heroic exploits to the dark and dingy, far reaches of the backwoods of Lower Ugulvania.


The scar you mention is from a close call I had with a Ugulvanian Wombat. There I was,  MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS, when I spotted my fellow explorer ,….Fred Lurtz……crinjing in fear on a tightrope out over a huge rushing waterfall. The creature had crawled out on the wire and was attacking him…with a frightful vengeance.


With no regard for my personal safety,……..I clamored headlong out onto the wire,…..and , grasping the wombat by the lower left incisor tooth, I wrested him loose from Freds neck….(In the process, I received the scar you mintioned from a loose strand on the over-tightened tightwire.


I am always hesitant to mention my exploits in the jungles and far reaches of our terrestrial orb. But from week to week I am called out on some of the most treacherous missions known to mankind..


In fact, next week , I have to go rescue James Bond from the clutches of a mad-man eggplant farmer in Obbedoobee Katmandu,.. But this stuff is just another day at the office for me…..Tomorrow we’ll get back to answering more important questions.


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