Elvinia Sedgewick from Whippersnapper Whyoming writes dear Hugh: Does your wife think you are nuts..? and question your sanity like both of the people who read your blog? Get real Hughy. We want the troothe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Hay!, whatt’s ur beaf with FONICS????????????


From Hugh


No No No No…………..My lovely spouse recognizes my close adhereance two normalcy and values itt a grate deel. Sometimes she gets tears inn her I’s just thinking about it.


And, from time to time, she can be spotted clandestinely making long lists of my good points….and emailing em to media outlets.


Nowe too thee PHONICS THING……………Looke, Thee Fonics bitt iz fundimintelly innusabul. Eye’ve ben seaking too lette fowlkes no bout itt four aye longg thyme. Watt canneye tel ewe? Thee youse ov FONICS iz ohverated.


Sum Won haz two stan dup four sumpin tha tll wurk.

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