Little two-year-old Timmy Velcroe from Ardmorse Ridge South Carolina writes….Dear Mr. Hughy, My daddy went in a convenience store to get coffee this morning ….When he put the creamer in his cup, he saw a big clump that had wings stickin out. He showed it to me and I recognized it as a deceased housefly that had apparently either stuffolcated or was allergic to various substances in the creamer container. What does this mean?


From Hugh


Well Timster……….I’ll tell you exactly what it means.


It is indicative of the obvlious fact that CREAMER IS NOT GOOD FOR THE COMMON HOUSE FLY. The Fly Protection Community (FPC) has been concerned about this for some time now.and… They are in the process of getting a government grant approved to study the situation further.


As soon as the Federal Government approves the expenditure of $27,000,507.13 . The official testing will begin.


House flies deserve protection. Especially from members of the SWAT team…….


Final results will be presented before a select group of United States Senators who will then decide on the ramifications of the final results…before any final results are released to folks whom are waiting for the information that is to be forthcoming …when it comes available…..

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