Bertha’s Canasta Club….from Peoria Illinois writes Dear Hugh…….We just received our utility bill for last month. We don’t understand how they figure out how much electricity we use….How does that work?

From Hugh


Well…………I heard several years ago, an explanation of this situation, and I believe it is correct…..


It goes as follows…..On your regular electrical outlet you will see THREE small holes for each Plug Socket.  One of em is where the electricity you operate stuff with comes in to your house….The other two are the ones that the utility company uses to suck the power back into their system. One of em goes directly back to where it came from….


BUT, if that one fails…..the other one goes to the ground. …and the electrical company can drill for electricity and get it back that way. In either case , they are getting the same electricity BACK ….and they will just re-sell it to someone else..


The whole electricity selling thing is a GOLD MINE….because they are simply re selling the same power over and over and over and over……and BILLING FOR IT EACH TIME.


The dams and coal fired plants are simply FRONT ORGANIZATIONS for the racket. They dont actually have to produce much power now …since it is re used so many times.


They simply bill you whatever they want to based on whether they like you or not.

Yes, Its true. ………..and you are welcome.

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