Miriam Webster from under a pile of moveable type in the Gutenburg Printer Museum writes….. Dearest ole Hughy: I am just about sick and tired of being called upon to define words and put out a new dictionary every two years. Look, I’m close to 150 years old….and I’ve had enough. Plus, the internet is causing me a lot of competition cause its easier to GOOgle a word than it is to go to town, and buy a dictionary , (while being ridiculed for being in town buying a dictionary). Should I just give it up?

From Hugh


Howdy Miriam……..You Should have given it up a long time ago….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………….I appreciate your hard work and stuff,but the idea of a dictionary was fatally flawed from the beggginnning.


The problem is,…..You cant look up the word……If you don’t already know how to spell it. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT? I  suspected a problem with that SETUP ….RIGHT OFF THE BAT.


In the third grade I was arrested for marching with signs that clearly stated,,,,”SOLVE THE DICTIONARY DILEMMA”. I was a real trouble maker.


Librarians have been central figures in perpetraterizing such goings on. And they should be held accountable. (But::: Frequently they disguise themselves as bookshelves and are hard to spot, if they stand perfectly still.)


Give it up Miriam ole Gal………….The party’s over.


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