Francine Toadflinger from a cubicle inside Massachusetts Institute of Technowlogy’s east wing of the Science building writes…..Dear Hugh, I know that you were like a brother to Albert Einstein. I know how you shared thoughts and theories. I suspect you shaped his calculations but took no credit for it. My question to you is this,….Is it in fact true that … E=MC squared?


From Hughy


Howdy Francy…………I am deeply humbled by the accolades and ongoing flattery over my mathematical prowess…..and ability to add numbers and stuff.


Yes, I was deeply involved with the various aspects of Al’s quantum theomizations…….From time to time he would simply turn to me with his confused expressions (and nutty -looking hairdo)…and he would say “Hep me Hughy….Hep me Hughy”.


I would look non chalant and quickly solve any of the problems while simutaneously eating a strawberry popsicle. I was certainly in on the E=MC squared ordeal.


We both had felt since early on that E was going to equal the “squared thingy”…but had to double check it……When it came time for the final test, Al was a little distracted by an overdue utility bill that he had to take care of …so I took over and reassed the whole theory. And I can say with grativlian certitude that YES. IT IS ACCURATE. YES YES YES.

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