Frankly Ellington from Grinders Switch Tennessee writes Dear Hugh……Why is US scientists sending a sattelite into deep outer space last week, to study the WEATHER out there? I have pondered the possible motivations for such, I have drawn a blank,…but suspect that you will know the real scoop on it…..Please fork over the information you Hughy.


From Hugh


Look ……let me speak Frankly……


There are a number of reasons why the United States would spend billions of dollars that were taken from it’s own citizens to study the weather in deep space where no one lives….or ever will live….or care about..


However, all the reasons are baloney……Except for one. Which is simply this.


It creates work for folks who are real real good at staring out into space and accomplishing things that are hard to quantify in terms of practicality….(Other than providing them with money to spend at the stores of regular folks who sell stuff we actually need.)….


Frankly…..No one needs to know when there is going to be a wind storm near the third outer ring of the second moon that revolves counter-clockwise within the gravitational influence of Jupiter. But if it pours billions of smackers into the hands of folks who are goin to spend it at Walmart…and Mannies Hardware Store…I reckon it’s ok……except for the fact that the money was confiscated from the folks who already had it in the first place……


Now that I think about it more,,,,,,,,,,,…..Im not so sure it makes any sense at all.


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