Millicent Clinger from Reigndrop New Hampshire writes…Dear Hugh….I was shocked and incensed by you making light of people who Flip houses. There’s money to be made at it….PLUS at least they have a roof UNDER their head….Will u consider revisiting the issue in a mower serious way?

From Hugh.
Well…..Mrs. Millicent………………I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT SOMEBODY would come up with the “ROOF UNDER THEIR HEAD” joke.


Frankly , I am disssappointed that it was you,.OF ALL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..Mrs. Millicent, You were my second grade teacher  (all three years)..and I admired your stoic adherence to protocol and euigenian decorum……AND NOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am very very saddened and vituperated. to say nothing of being confused. I would have never ever expectorated this..


But, to answer your actual question…NO Ma’am, I won’t take it seriously…..Did you see those pictures of houses that were upside down in yesterdays stellar and enlightening post?????? It is obvious that trying to walk around in there is treacherous at best. And not Safe ,,…at worst. All the potted plants don’t know whether to grow up or down…..And running a bathtub of water  has got to be a real trick.


Mrs. Millicent,…Im so disoriented by you piping up here with that corny joke….I can’t even get my thoughts together.

 This is a first.

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