Wadsworth Pennintonne’ (heir to the Toothpick Fortune)….Stops picking his teeth long enough to write this question….Dear Hugh: I have plenty of money , but, I have heard that money can be made doing what is called “FLIPPING” Houses…..Is this true.?


From Hugh…


Well Waddy ole boy,……….Fortunately four you, I am up on this stuff.


I’ve bin involved in FLIPPING houses. And , right away,….after the first flip………I sensed that I was making a big mess. The roof of your average dwelling was never intended to support the full weight of the house. That is what the traditional foundation is for.


While adhering to the status quo has always been a challenge for me, IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE,….I am going to reccccommmmend that people not flip their houses just to try to be different and create tourist revenue by selling tours of homes that are inverted.


Just walking on the ceiling creates another issue that must be with dealt….(couldnt end on a preposition)


While it is true that in the present economy , some people are UPSIDE DOWN in their real estate holdings, I see no knead to reccccommmmend that others try it. Turning a house OVER is a job. If you don’t believe me, just ask me again…..


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