42 year old Bobby Trashly from Dumppers Creek Kentucky writes dear Mr. Hugh …I am not absolutely certain, but I think I spotted the dreaded Triple-Beaked Downy Thrush Woodpecker in my back yard this morning. This could explain why houses in the neighborhood are turning into piles of sawdust overnight….Is this even possible Mr. Hughy..?

From Hugh


Finally somebody calling me MR. At long last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But that may not last long.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! It’s possible.. I can’t bellieve the dreaded triple-beaked bird has returned to the seen.


I thought this thing had been extinct for 7 0r ate months now. AND HERE IT IS AGAIN. There is only one thing to do to prevent this formerly ubiquitous member of the Audobon Family from becoming ubiquitous again. It’s probably the only one left.


Be very careful……Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry careful……Take slow aim. Pull the hammer back. And then throw the gun away because you and I both know your mommy wont let you have any bullets. Now, rush headlong into the back yard and seek to grasp the thing by the hind leg. And put it in a paper sack.(eco-friendly)…….Then stick it in the fridge till the birdwatching folks come get it.


While you are in the fridge,….get me a popsciclical and mail it to me postage paid.


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