Gerald Lincoln (Abe’s Great great great great great great nephhugh) writes Dear Hughy…..I have enjoyed your recent posts where dogs were writing in to H.A.S….Look Hughy, I’ve got a Schnauzer that Purrs when he sleeps. When I scratch his tummy ,…he purrs……When I feed him his favorite food,…He purrs….LIKE A FELINE. What on earth is happening here…?t


From Ole Hughy


Well Gerald……………..Apparently ,….This is indeed a source of consternation for you…(.And you can only imagine how embarrassing it is for the dog.)


I have encountered this anomaly on a couple of other anomalous occcasssionns. In both cases the dogs were much larger and had recently swallered small mammals.


In this particulate case,…there is only one weigh to find out what the real deal is…


I’m gonna have to run a CAT SCAN……….

Yes…….I said….Im gonna have to run a CAT SCAN. I must be stopped. (But its already waaaaay too late.)

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