Delbert Hasselton from Giblet Crunch Wyoming writes dear Hugh….I always wanted to dance but I’m 58.3 years old…And I’m afraid I’ll get hurt if I attempt to “Get Down”.Could you invent a dance move that would be safe for folks in my age bracket and even older than me? Will you Hughy? Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,………..Will you?


From Mr. Hugh


Yes. Yes. Yes……………….In fact I already have.


Over the years you have probably heard of the Slow dance…………..But I have devised two new ones. The first is the VERY VERY SLOW DANCE wherein the participant simply stands on the dance floor and chews gum or small fruit bits…and moves ONE arm (just barely).


The Second technique, ..about which I am the most excited,……is the Stop Dance. In this particular “groove”,…..You simply get out of your chair to head for the dance floor….but STOP and just stand there wondering  “what on earth you were thinking” in the first place.


If you just continue to stand there……You can kinda feel a part of the action,…..but yet experience no real risk of throwin out a shoulder or hip joint.


This margin of safety is crucial at and above your age. I’m thankful you turned to us here at H.A.S. for the solution to this troublesome issue.


Remember……..the “Stop Dance”… actually the way to go. Have fun.



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