Timmy Takamine from Walrus Ridge Alaska….writes dear Hughyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..I just saw an IGLOO Cooler on Ebay….IT was cheap. AND,.. NO WONDER..!!!!!! They ain’t gonna be able to sell those things for much at all. Our igloos are freezing cold up here as it is. Why on earth would we ant em to be any cooler?

From Hugh


I’m with you Timmy. I said when I first heard somebody talking about an Igloo Cooler, that it would be like trying to sell an air conditioner to an Eskimo.


Look ole pal….. Sometimes our manufacturing sector in this country comes up with some “great Ideas that just won’t sell.


Why don’t they invest their time , effort, and research money into some kind of an item that will keep food cold on a hot day at a picnic or sumthin,???…..They should have already done it. I needed somethinn like that last week when my Cousin ELROY came over to stay for a couple of years.

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