Wanda Biggersmall from Chattanooooooooooga Teenneessee writes…..Dear Hugh: If every crook and shyster and profoundly unwise individual whom lacks common sense,…. was removed from Washington D.C. How many folks would be left?

From Ole Hughy………….


Well…………..there would be lots of folks left in the world at large…………….But the population of that particular city would definitely shrink at a larger percentage than the average geographic area chosen at random.


Theire r apparently certain geocentric anomalies that absorb and remuve comonn scents….


I wunce new a guy that just drove through the place and AND WENT HOME AND SOLD A  NEW CADILLAC to a dental hygienist for 27 dollars. Then he tried for two days to throw away a boomerang. That city simply sucks the common sense out of folks.


I’m guessing that it is something similar to the Bermhughda triangle…….Except, instead of causing plains and ships to dissappear…The ground under Warshington DC causes COMMON CENTS to dissappear.


I need to run some aeroclendial microklamdic ground penetrating RADAR studies to comfirm my preconcetpion.

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