Manfred Sulligent From Tippeecanoe Arkansas writes dear Hugh: I felt so sorry for the St Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnard that wrote in yesterday. What a dilemma. Here we have a dog that is clearly articulate and literate and able to read and write….Shouldnt he be a liberrian or some such thing rather than climbing around mountains rescuing folks? And ,….Do the school systems still allow canines to teach? (((I had a Schnauzer for a Geometry teacher in the 7th grade…but that was 48 years ago…Things may have changed.))))

From Hugh


This is an interesting, and certainly PERTINENT query.


I did also have a Canine for a teacher but mine was in the 4th grade.  His bark was worse than his bite….and the class really got completely out of control. .


BUT THINGS HAVE CHANGED…………The restrictyions are now far mower stringent and strident and tight….and only people who are human can be instructors. Sure it’s discrimatory. But most dogs are so busy chasing cars, they don’t take time to sue.


As a side note…….(the reason that Literate canines are not allowed to teach any moer…even though their salary requirements are much lower…. is that they are often distracted by passing traffic and will dart out the classroom door without warning, and just leave the poor kidds wonderin what to do next….) Plus some of em werent housebroke real good…and that led to a whole differnt set of problems as you can imagine..


You’re welcom….But you are also banned from H.A.S. for two months for sending in this absurd question. I aught to be ashamed of myself for even pretending to address the issue.

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