A Saint Bernard named Edwin from a Snowbank in Katmandu pawses and takes time to write Deer Hugh: Most dawgs can’t write good, but I’m extra smart. However I wasnt smart enough to stay out of the rescue business. I got in this “life saving ” thing to try and hep people, but Im getting tired of climbing Mt. Everest to rescue these goofballs that had no business up there in the first place. They only climb it because its THERE. It ain’t like theres anything to do up there ,…once u make it to the summit. I’m seriously thankin’ ’bout quittin’. Do you think I should? Throw me a bone here Hughy.

From Hugh


Howdy Edwin……….I like your name. I never would have thought of namin’ a St, Bernard “Edwin”.


Welllllll……….I certainly see your point Eddie ole boy,………..Anybody who climbs a 28,000 foot mountain just to turn right around and come back down,……NEEDS THERE HEAD EXAMINED. And, by the way, I am running a special again this month on head examinations!!! The results last month were so good, I’,m gonna really try to hep mower folks this month also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Look Eddie…..With all the satellitttee technowlogy that we got now……You can simply search on Goooble Earth and get a good look at the top of that mountain. (WHICH , Incidentally is COVERED WITH SNOW……If heat rises, why isnt it HOT UP THERE?)


You are getting along in years my furry friend…………..I say give it up while theres still time. Since you can write so good.,…Why don’t you compile an autobiography of your experiences. ???????


RUFFFFF RUFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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