Manfred “PoBoy” Littleton who plays the blues on a street corner in Raffaell Texas writes…dear Hugh ..My name is Manfred “PoBoy” Littleton and I play the blues on a street corner in San Antonio Texas and what I want to know is this…..Where did blues music start?


From Hughy


Howdy Manny……..First of all, IF YOU DON”T KNOW WHAT CITY YOU ARE ACTHUGHALLY PLAYING ON A STREET CORNER IN, Iam knot sew shure that I need to be dealling with this isshugh. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!! Wherever “there” is.


Now……………..As we all know, the blues originated with the first person whom had TWO factors simultaneously. (THAT means “At the same time”)…………The two factors are SADNESS, and A tendency to HUM. Any time these two factoids are amalgamated, there is the immenent propensity for blues.


The first actuall recording of the blues was in 1263 BC…..When Arxess Juarez III,… King of Zerlia,… lost 40 tons of gold when he invested in a new idea for building an electrical generation facility (EGF). It was a great idea whose time had not yet come….Anyhow , Arxy was bad upset…and they caught the whole sad  humming bit….on a recorder made of crushed papyrus ,old sandal leather and two fish bones.


There is so much to tell ….but Im busy.


Buy the way : the W.C.Handy Festival is next week in Florence….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of enjoyable pickin and sangin all over town by some of the areas musican types and some fine players from out of town …… They say WC Handy is the Father Of the blues…..BUT THEY DIDNT CHECK WITH ME to see if that was accurate. The truth was bound to come out…..

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