C. K. Cherstertoone’ from Liverpuddle England writes dear Hughyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…I have always been intrigued by the things that motivate people to want to conquer the world….I’ve thought about it al ott. For example …Ghengis Khan,…..What was his motivation to want to take over the world….?



Ghenghis Khan is an interesting case study. I have an uncle who knew Ghengis’s great great gransons’s cousins’s mother’s aunt.  She says he was looking for a good easily accessible source of dietary fiber.


He finally found it in the bark of the Goatpluntte Tree in the eastern part of the Gangeez River Basin (GBR)….in Upper Outer Mongolia.


But, by that point in time he had already got a big old army together and figgured that he aught to go ahead and get the rest of the world while he was at it..


Once Ole Ghengy got it……He didnt know what to do with it…..and had nowhere to put it. Plus he couldnt even keep the weed eating done for his aunt Edna…and he knew full well he had no business having to take care of the whole world. (plus his wife kept naggin him to plant flowers all over the place in different geographic areas.)


So he gave it back in 1262 A.D. Just so it wouldnt get all growed up.



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