Smiley Grunchman looks down from the Imfull Tower and hollers Hey Hughyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……….Is their intelligent life on other planets in our solar system?

From Mr. Hugh


Howdy ………………What a grate question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And one with which I have a lot of experience.


I was once abducterized by a group of Extreeterestrials in August of 2013…..Frankly, they looked a littel goofy and were only 3 feet tall…(Plus they had three feet)……BUT, given time and an accepting attitude, they could blend in to an average crowd at a Shopping Center.


Some have asked me in the future if the experience had any effect on my overall mental health. I will tell them No!…And they believed me.

Obviously, some people who have been abducted, have had mixed up concepts of time. But that was the case with me tommorrow, though not now or yesterday.


I am a down to earthf kind of guy, and really had no desire to get invovled in the Hugh F Oh issue….Until it was forced upon me when I met Gibbitz and Guarkum who were from the Galaxy called Xzumenberlid.


Thanks for asking…….What a great question….Have a good day yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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