Andy Leentowic from Garsonlille Poland writes dear Hugh: There is a damsel in distress in a tower in a castle in the little town in the valley in the area next to where is adjacent to me here…..She’s is in dire straits and I need to rescue her from a mouse that is circling her feet while she does her nails……I know of your exploits in foreign lands,…as you have rescued so many from so much with no regard for your own personal safety ………What is the best way to rescue a damsel in distress or dive out in front of a speeding locomotive to save a small mammal,,,,WITHOUT DRAWING ATTENTION TO it…..OrRRRRR appearing to seek personal agrandisement….?


From Hugh


Approach these things with CAUTION. Always doing one thing…..


Be Suave and erudite during the rescue……….appearing aloof…….while apparently exerciseiiing no caution whatsoever.


I think that was probably more than one thing……But WHOM is counting??????????


The “Damsel in distress in the tower thing”…………….is one of the most difficult……Largely due to the fact fact most old castle towers don’t have elevators. By the time you get up 40 flights of stairs….If you have to fight off any knights or oafs or jousters and then deal with a chick that is scared and probably WHINING…….It’s about more than a feller can take.


But its worth a try.

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