Theodore Noseisfelt from Tyleknoll Virginia writes Dear Hugh: I am 26. And I still wear footy pajjamas with giraffes on em. When my mommy tucks me in bed, I feel self concious about still living at home and stuff. Are these things sources of concern?

From Hughy


Howdy Theodore………Hope things are going well with you….And that your Flinstones Night Light Bulb is still working good.


This brings back so may memories for me. I remember how my friends made fun of me for still wanting my  mother too reed me the old Humpty Dumpty story every night before bedtime. Even though I was only 24. Its still very similar to your dilemma.


I must tell you the truth Theo………….Here I am CLOSE TO 40 years old ,….and I still wear footy pajammmas ……BUT THEY DO NOT have giraffes on em. They have cartoon photographs of Speeakers of the House of Representatatives from the last 60 years.  A feller has to grow up some time.


I think I may get a new pair with several members of the supreme court also……Its been FOURTeen years since i got any new ones…..


Now………..As long as you listen to my advice heere at H.A.S………….Things should be fine for your life at home…….Don’t worry about it…….TRUST ME. Turn to me with the tuff stuff……My cousnel here at H.A.S. has affected many lifes.



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