Jenny Lou Crowder from under a pile of Dough that slid off a Doughnut Supply truck during a rainstorm in Peoria Illinois writes Dearest Hughy……..How do I know where all the things that are VOID WHERE PROHIBITED can be used or purchased and where they cannot be used or purchased. Or maybe they can be purchased…… but NOT USED or Vice Versa…..Or….the other way around.?????…..?


From Hugh…

. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll…..THIS IS A GRATE QUESTION…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But first let me say that this answer is void where PROHIBITED. If you can determine where that is. AND YOU”D BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Because if you get caught reading this answer or using it IN THE WRONG PLACE. YOU are in Bigg twubble.


Many people over the years have been incarcerateded for doing things that were simply PROHIBITED. IT IS EVEN WORSE….If they are VOID aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…..PROHIBITED.


There is know tellin what could happent oooo a feller for such an infarction…….So be careful. Most things that are in this category are void and Prohitibed in any city or state that starts with a  “P”. Its as simple as that.


Now you no.

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