Sedric Woods from Silicone Valley California writes Dear Hugh: I have developed a new microchip that will let my new laptop design be so small that no one can read it. It will be so handy. You can carry it in your wallet. The screen is 1 inch by 1.5 inches…..Colors are TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!……It sounds like a FULL SIZED PANASONIC 15″ Subwooffer on any audio application…..Would you like to buy one …at the nominal cost of 1500?


Howdy from Hughy


What’s happnin Sedric???????? Sounds like you are really on to something…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My wife has a very small laptop with a 9″ inch screen…..and I can barely read it. …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to think about won with an EVEN SMALLER SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’s a DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Intense squinting is something that has been studied expensively by the exspurts and found to increase optimum optical health in maximum ways. It will also hep folks avoid headaches.


The thing Im most intereseted in is the PRICE……………Investing 1500 smackers in somethng half as large as a credit card is gonna go over big. Even if it is small.


Folks will also love the keyboard that has to be operated with the point of a needle. But WE GET THE POINT…………….SAVING SPACE!!!!


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