Wiley Nabeller from Pontotock County Texas…writes Dear Hughy….Im thinking about moving to a differnt county ’cause I can’t consistently spell Pontotok correctly. But that’s beside the point and I frankly don’t know why I brought it up……Listen Hughy, I think you are a pathoillogical goofball and have your head in the sand. That’s all I wanted to say…

From Hughy


Yes…………..You are correct…..as far as the GOOFBALL part…..




From time to time I have indeed had my head in the sand. NOW HOWEVER, I have become convinced that the application of crystillized silica to the nasal passages and other cranial orifices is a hazard to my health as I am close to  40 years old…….


The last time I put my entire head in the sand was after I didnt get my way in an election. It helped for a few minutes but the resulting weeks of removing granules from my ears, nose and throat, was generally counterproductive.


I will also mention that you didnt ask a question and will now be on the PROBATIONARY list here at H.A.S. So there.


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