Muncy Littleton from Chicargo Illinoise writes…..Dear Hugh: Is it necessary to close the windows in a vehicle before going through an automatic- high- pressure- maxi-spin…. auto wax high-velocity, double dip Supersonic Car Warsh?

From Hugh


Know it is NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NO……………………For years, people have habitually done that……BUT NO..  It is knot neccccessssarry by any means.


Frequently , especially if your wife is in the car with you,………You will find a trip through with the winders down to be one of the most eventful times of your lives…!!!!!!!!!!!! Many couples experience more emotion during this 2 minute occurence than at any other time in life. (Take pictures to remember it). It is not uncommon for couples to remember this for decades and to discuss it from time to time.


Now, my PERSONAL experience with this is relatively limited due to the fact that I have ended up in the hospital both times I have done it. It seems that we made it through the wash tunnel without any injury but ………..that is the last I remember in both cases……There is a time lapse …and then I wake up in the hospital with large purse- shaped bruises on the back  and top of my head.


Authorities have investigated ….but there is no definitive prognosis at this time. Apparently, there are lots of muggers at car washes, but for some reason they never threaten my wife and she never sees em……………



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