Wadsworth Pennington Dubwaa Williamson IV from Lizzard Snatch Tennesse writes….Dear Hugh, “From your experience, How Long does it take to get old”?


From Hugh


Howdy Wad…………First off ,…Nobody with a name like yours lives in Lizzard Snatch Tennessee. …and you and I BOTH KNOW IT.


Regarding the getting old thing……………………In my particular case it has taken 54 years to get old. This is not always the case as you can imagine. Some people age at differnt rates.


Big Mike Sledgewhacker took 89 years to get old…..because he was not as fast at it as I am.


Aging is something that requires a great deal of experience and effort. BUT THE REAL TRICK is living a long time and NOT GETTING OLD. It can be done. And has been done. And will be done. And should be done. But I don’t know how to do it yet…..cause Im not old enough to have figgered it out yet at this point in time the way things are now.

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