Interestingly,….Today’s question comes from a BEAVER in upstate New York…… Deer Hu, pardun mi spalling. I anin’t had much tim fer edukachun what wif awl thee dam bilding and tail slapping to warn my budys ov dannjer…Look Huey, Wee beevs are being so reghughlated by the government red tape and the EPA that we can’t build a deecent dam anymower wifowt gittin stif fines……So we’ve just quit and are goin on flood stamps….What now?

From Hughy


Wellllllllllllll, …………….Leave it to Beaver……………to come up with something like this….


First off Beeve ol Buddy……..I am going to assume that you meant to type F O O D stamps……not F L O O D stamps….Please be more careful.  The only reason Im not gonna put you on probation for that infarction, is because you’ve been having a lot of dental problems on top of the regulatory conuncrum with the gubment.


This issue is quite common, but it is difficult for some people to sink their teeth into.


But let’s not bite off more than we can chew……….Look Beeve……JOIN THE CROWD. We are living in the TWILIGHT ZONE. It took a while for it to affect beavers,….but I knew it was coming. There is regulatory lunacy on every hand and there aint narry a need for you to try to stop the flood of goofiness….I say just sign up for flood stamps like lots of other beavers….


YOur days of living on the lake are over ole pal. I went out on a limb for you with this stuff. I normally don’t talk to beavers.


Your welcome.

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