Kawl Iga from the offices of the Cherokkee Nation writes in today…..Dear Hugh: What is the best way to put a new sink in the kitchen?



The entire subject of plumbing is something that always leaves me feeling washed out and quite drained. But , lets make a joint effort here………………………..KEEP IT HUSH HUSH. I don’t want any of this stuff leaking out.


It’s high time I dealt with this, ’cause these sorts of questions continue to flow through the pipeline hear at the Service….


Over the years I have have tried various techniques for putting a new sink in any room. The VERY BEST approach is far more simpler than I ever realized it was…..


Simply (1)pick it up out of your car’s trunk…..and (2) walk into the room with it. (3) Set it down. (4) And call a plumber./// ORRRRR,,….Skip steps ONE THROUGH THREE/// You are welcome. I know it’s seems obvious. But it took me quite a number of years to master this approach.


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