Delbert Winger from Warshington D.C. writes dear Hugh…Your eluciditory understanding of the inner workings of the upper eschelons of literati and jurisprudence (to say nothing of legal rightings and stuff) …is legendary. So my question for you is this…..Are the members of the Supreme Court of the United States in office for the remainder of their lifes…? And if so, do they get a change of clothes after so many years…..OR do they have to wear the same black robe the whole time….?

From Hughy


Yes…and No………….. They ARE in office for life. But No………they don’t get to get a new robe…..They have to wear the same one the whole time and they never get to warsh the thang…….


This explains why their meetings get shorter and shorter as they get older.


What the life appointment does is basically two things……..It allows them to make decisions WITHOUT Fear of  powerful political ramerlifications….AND it allows them to not have to answer to powerless folks either………………It would be an unacceptable arrangement except for the fact that it’s more acceptable than a lot of the rest of the possible arrangements that folks whom make arrangements have tried to arrange over the centuries.


One better arrangement would be for folks to ask H.A.S. about these laws and stuff and what they mean. BUT I DON”T HAVE TIME FOR THAT STUFF…………..I’ve got way toom aany other more important questions to with deal…..(Couldn’t end on a prepostition).


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