Dinny Shubb who refuses to admit that he is from anywhere, writes on the back of an old Arizona license plate and throws it threw the window here at the H.A.S. main office…..It says BR-549-A Dear Hugh…..Who was Julius Seizer and how long did he rule the Eastern Province of the Roman Empire from A.D 212 to A.D 256? Also, what were his credentials that made him qualified to rule the known world….?


From Hugh


Well…………….As best I can tell from having watched the world for many years now….A feller ain’t got to know no whole lot or have any certain qualifications to commence a’rulin big chunks of our terrestrial orb. The mainest thang they gots to do is learn how to work the system….(or lack of the system ) as the case may bee….


I suspect that ole Julius wadnt no differnt. ((However, It is harder to accomplish ANYTHING with a name like Julius…..as opposed to William or Robert.)))


They claim ole “Julie” (as his fiends called him) basically sat and stared at the wall….wishin a TV had been invented by then. He also wished there was such a thing as football….Instead of jousting and watching servile minions and oafs play foozeball.


Julius was real self-conscious about wearing a toga…..He was really in favor of blue jeans…BUT, yet again…….They were a few hunderd years out from being invented yet or coming into vogue……


Julius spent most of his free time saying “Vice-Versa”……Caused he loved to hear himself talk in Latin.


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