Verner Wan Breen from Ulm Germany writes dear Hughy……My question for you is very very simple. Are dinosaurs extinct? And how long will they be extinct?

From Hugh




Can you please be mower pacific? that is an awfully broad querstion. ……………..Now……in spite of scientists redundant expositories to the contrary.,……NOBODY NOSE IF DINOSAURS ARE EXTINCT.


The very idea presupposerizes that every inch of  terrain and ground ….every under sea cave complex……every mammoth chasm that is unknown,….every depth of every see…(some of which is MILES deep) has been explored thoroughly, AND, that nothing could have moved around, hiding and then come back later….


ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????????????????????????


BUT, IF a varmit is in fact extinct.,,…they are usually extinct for a long time. Generally at leaast several years.


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