Vivian C. Ledlow from Sedgewicshire Rhode Island writes Dear Hughy……How can I make some driftwood?


From Hugh…


Well Viv…………….I have been expectorating this question for a long long time….AND NOW YOU’ve sent it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As some of my readers already don’t know…………Driftwood is made of plywood and two by fours and waterproof wood glue.

It doesnt come ready made at Home Fixit Stores and such. However you can buy the raw materials.


Simply get two two by fours (which are actually 3 and a half by 1 and a half) DON”T ASK ME WHY!!!!! DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1….Glue them in a vise. Then the next morning chisel em loose from the vise you glued em to.2….. SAND TO DESIRED SHAPE.

3…Toss into nearest lake. 4 .WAIT 60 years. ………..Then for step five……Search for the peice you threw in the water 60 years earlier.


You always HOPE that somebody you know didnt cheat and go get it at 59 years.


By the weigh………..Start this process when you are young. Think ahead.


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