Elmo Acetycyilice’ from Krunkee Italy writes Dear Hugh….What is the meaning of the word “Exculpatory”? …and Why?

From Hugh




Whatever the meaning is….It is because the feller that decides what words mean said so…….Don’t ask me ridiculous querstions like this. I am a busy Indi Vidual..


Now, In all honesty, (not just part of honesty)…….You do not knead to know the meaning of this word. You are simply trying to “stump the Service”…………And we ain’t stumped by this. However. I ain’t tellin you SQUAT.


You’ve been writing inn asking this sort of stuff for 23 years. I bought you a dictionary and you SOLD IT  AT A YARD SAIL….THUSLY, you ARE Placed on Probation. So there…….


Exculpatory is a word that can be used frequently EVEN WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT IT MEANS…..Because it is very versatile. For example, you could say when asked by a waitress if the food was good….”Yes I’ve rarely had any kumquat casserole that was so moist and exculpatory!”…Just the tone of how you say it will impress the wait staff…..And they might even go look it up.


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