Bob Nope from Worcestershire England writes Dear Ole Hughy…..Your knowledge of science is unbelievable,….as is your knowledge of Math, Medicine and History. In fact your hole blog is unbelievable. I have a history querstion fer ye. Whom was Ghenghis Khan?

From Hughy


Well, WHICH ONE??????????????????????????? There have been numerous Ghenghis Khans…..How in the world am I supposed to know which one you are talking about….? I went to school with a Ghenghis Khan. He was a real trouble maker. He was always trying to take over the school and rule it with an iron fist.


Then he grew his hair out in a funny pony tale and a crazy mustache. He was always ordering people around and bringing oafs and old drawbridge parts to school. He even had a girl friend named Mary. She was always causing trouble too because she had a little lamb and it followed her to school on at least four separate occasions. Thereby making the children laugh and play to see a lamb at the school (as you can imagine. )


Ghenghis finally dropped out of school and rented a fleet of old bass boats and went around the world taking over uninhibited islands in the Specific Ocean.


If you’ll let me know which Ghenghis your are refferring two… Ican be of mower help.


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