Manfred Nammly from Pensipepsi Florida writes dear OLE HUGHY: I am building some cabinets. The directions on the cabinet building directions sheet say “cut trim strips on the ends at EXACTLY 45 degrees”….Hugh, I’ll be honest. I just can’t afford to cool my shop down to near freezing like that. My utility bills are already more than the gross national product of Franistan.. I turn to you in a panic Mr. Hughy. What should I do…?


From Hughy


Howdy Manfred. I’m definitely on your side with this deal. I think as long as your shop is cooled to 60 degrees, you’ll be fine. Even surgical operating rooms arent cooled to 45 degrees…..!!!!!!! It must be a misprint.


Simply get a decently chilled room and start whacking away at random. Everything will fit fine. ALSO, Go buy you a five gallon bucket of wood putty……


By the way…..How much wood putty could a wood putty chuck chuck if a wood putty could chuck wood putty?


There is no doubt….I must be stopped. I am almost getting out of hand. Almost.


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