Arny Thellison from Whatte’s Barr Nuclear Plant in South Carolina writes…..How many legs does the average arachnid have in your geographical area? Around here it varies. Some have as many as 13 and more!

From Hugh


Well Arny………In our neck of the woods,  spiders have ATE Legs each. By the weigh Arny,…you are not going to impress me with your use of the word “arachnid” instead of “spider”….I’m a graduate of high school..and we studied that stuff.


Now, I want you to have a leg up about this spider appendage conuncrum. What is apparently happening is the mutificlation of glenomes and gibbitx structures within the cellular anomalies of the spiditular metatarsals. this is caused by ongoing (and continued) explosure to nucular radificsation.


For the difinitve solution to this fulcrum, we turn to the writings of the inimitable scholar,..Sir Radclifft Yumppe of the British Spider Consortium LTD LLC. He simply says ….”Yea…Squish em like you would a regular spider” ..Just stomp a little harder”…..


Radclifft wasnt really much for elaboration.



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